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About Tomo---------
27 years old
Gourmet for fast food like Mcdonalds, beef bowl or cigarrets

About Strapya---------
We StrapYa Co., Ltd. has been the NO.1 company in Phone Strap Business since 1998. Atsushi Higuchi, C.E.O., started StrapYa out of nothing. Phone Straps & Phone Accessories were good marchandises millions of consumers would be attracted. However, attaching Straps to cell phones became very usual, not outstanding, in Japan. It used to be fashionable and really standing out. The market had been saturated, there were 10 thousands kinds of Straps were in the market. People were losing their motivations to pick up their favorite ones at hundreds of brick and mortar stores. Then, he came up with an idea that selling K-tai items on the Internet would be a great business, sensitive people for the current of time should be fond of it. Thus, StrapYa was founded in 1998.


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