> **Yukus Favorites! Kawaii Keitai Straps**

Arita Ware Cell Phone Strap
Easy Going Baby Duck Loves Hot Spring! Cell Phone Strap
World Cup Flag Plate & Striped Strap Cell Phone Strap
Disney Light Up w/ Your Favorite Character LED
Disney Sweet Characters Solar Battery Blink Anime Cell Phone Strap
[Elegant Fairy] Cell Pone Strap Spicy Pink
Phonepocke Summer/ Fall Collection Phone Pouch Flashy Lady Bug
Tombodama Glass Beads Hand-Made Cell Phone Strap Light Blue Rose
Japanese Summer! Fireworks Cell Phone Strap Senkou Hanabi
Sanrio Hello Kitty Ana Sui Style?! Petit Phone Strap
Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro ~Tonari No Totoro~ Key Chain Totoro & Acorn
Sanrio Hello Kitty Bath Time! Towel Kitty Stuffed Toy Ball Chain (Sitting)
Leather Plain Dog Tote Bag Ball Chain
Protect your Skin from *ultraviolet* UV Check Mirror
[Snoopy Jewel Boutique] Peanuts Snoopy Sterling Silver Diamond Ring
[Snoopy Jewel Boutique] Peanuts Snoopy & Woodstock Heartful Pendant Necklace
[Snoopy Jewel Boutique] Peanuts Woodstock's Nest Sterling Silver Ring
[Snoopy Jewel Boutique] Peanuts Dancing Snoopy Pendant Necklace (Gold)
[Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry] Birthstone in Silver Kitty Necklace (April/ Diamond)
[Tinkpink] Sanrio Hello Kitty Swrovski Crystal Full-Inlayed Jewel Watch
[Sanrio Hello Kitty Jewelry] Hello Kitty Sterling Silver Rosary Cross Necklace
Apple Zirconia Swing Pendant Necklace (Sterling Silver/ Silver)
Japan In Acryl Cube! Rabbit Ball Cell Phone Netsuke Strap
Sanrio Hello Kitty Owl Kitty with Bell Netsuke Cell Phone Strap
San-X Relakkuma Bandaid in Cute Mini Tin Box Key Ring
Tomy Disney Characters Kiki Ippatsu Cell Phone Strap
San-X MonoKuro Boo Keymet & Cell Phone Strap
Disney Dee Dee Mix Cell Phone Mirror
San-X Tsuginohi Kerori Puppet Cleaner Cell Phone Strap
We Luv Bean Jam Bun! w/ Cell Phone Cleaner Phone Strap
Soreike! Anpanman Choro Q Cell Phone Strap
Sesame Street Choro Q Cell Phone Strap
San-X Relakkuma Choro Q Cell Phone Strap
Cool Summer Flip-Flop Sandal Rubber Phone Strap (Edwin White)
Cool Summer Flip-Flop Sandal Rubber Phone Strap (Naminiri Tatsujin Geisha)
Cool Summer Flip-Flop Sandal Rubber Phone Strap (Life Guard Sky)
Image Comes Up Like Tv!? Tv Stone Cell Phone Strap (Blue)
Summer Hibiscus Flower Ray Cell Phone Strap (Yellow X Pink)
Brilliant Jewelry Box Cell Phone Strap (Rounded Box & White)
Simple And Useful! Malti Use Key Ring Collection Mk-02
Fresh And Cool! Ice Cream Miniature Sample Cell Phone Charm Sharp Corn Vanilla
Choose Your Favorites! Fast Food Miniature Food Sample Charm (Vegetables-Burger)
Edwin Handy Harmonica Cell Phone Strap (White)
Retro Bottle! Pop Japanese Miniature Bottled Drink Cell Phone Charm Milk
Strapya 31 Popsicle Factory Phone Strap Soda Pop
Smallest in the world!! Solar Led Light Cell Phone Strap
Japan Showa Nostalgic Snack, Food and Livingware Cell Phone Strap
Mimicking Pair Kewpie Mascot Cell Phone & Key Ball Chain Charm
Kanji T-Shirt Kewpie Netsuke Cell Phone Strap